Educational Leadership Program Admissions Requirements

*Please see also the Educational Leadership Program Handbook (click on the document title to view as a PDF).

Excellence in Educational Leadership - Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Admission requirements:

  1. Completed application for admission to the Educational Leadership Program at HSU
  2. Participate in an admissions interview with the Program Leader/ Coordinator of the Educational Leadership Program
  3. Possess a valid prerequisite teaching or services credential
  4. Have completed four years of successful, full time teaching or counseling
  5. Possess a 2.75 GPA upon entering the program. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in credential work
  6. Two letters of recommendations: present supervisor and another practicing school administrator of candidate’s choice
  7. Documentation that a school district is willing to support candidate’s field experiences
  8. Successful completion of the CBEST if initial issuance of the credential is before February 1, 1983.