Master's Programs

HSU offers a MA in Education and a Combined MA/Educational Leadership Administrative Credential

The MA in Education offers a rigorous journey through the theory and practice of education as students become scholars in their areas of interest. We place a high value on the experiences, ideas, and questions of our Master's candidates and focus on supporting a community of educators in reflecting and inquiring about their professional experiences leading to greater ingenuity, vitality, and joy in the profession.


Through close interactions with faculty and other students, master’s students broaden their understanding of the theoretical and methodological aspects of teaching and administration by articulating what they know, asking meaningful questions about their practice, relating their practice to the professional literature, and capitalizing on opportunities for assessment.

  • Courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends to meet the needs of working teachers/administrators.
  • Courses are designed so that students can tailor the coursework to their interests.
  • Disciplines such as art, math, science, music, etc. can be the focus of the emphasis area in the M.A. Ed. program.

Students will find a rich and rewarding learning community to support their growth in the field. As a result, our alumni assume enhanced and more focused leadership roles in their schools with an ethic of educating with passion for learning, persistence in seeking insights, and creativity.

Our Mission

To provide those with an interest in education the opportunity to explore substantive areas of interest in depth, develop effective connections between research and their practice, and become reflective, socially aware, and organizationally effective leaders for the betterment of the field.

A Master’s degree is not for everyone, but for those educators who want the opportunity to engage in deeper explorations of important issues such as developing culturally relevant curriculum, addressing learned helplessness or facilitating international education, the HSU MA in Education is one of those rare opportunities to grow in the field with a high level of support from colleagues and faculty alike.

Master’s courses are held online and in the evenings to meet the needs of working professionals. Students have the opportunity to network with K-16 education professionals throughout the region using video conferencing and work closely with faculty.

What others have to say about the MA

Elements of the MA program are exemplary and should be incorporated into similar graduate programs in Education at other universities.... students are deeply satisfied with the program and graduates have found their training to be extremely helpful in their careers.  All sing the praises of the faculty for being highly capable and very accessible to students.

Susan Roberta Katz, Professor

University of San Francisco


I had a great experience in the program and I feel like it has aided in my ability to do my job. Overall it is a positive experience that immerses you in a learning community that can create lifelong contacts.

Bryn Corriel, Alumnus

MA in Education HSU