Secondary Education About Us

“We believe that passion must be the touchstone of all teaching, and we believe that we as teachers should join with our students to bring our hearts as well as our minds into the classroom.”
—SED Mission Statement

The Credential Year

The year begins in mid-August with orientation, followed by one week of in-person instruction: our capstone class, Multicultural Issues in Education. 
When regular semester-long classes begin, credential candidates begin spending nine hours/week at their fieldwork placement.

Online classes frequently meet at scheduled times using a virtual classroom platform. Here’s a video of what our online classes look like:


The coursework in the fall semester prepares student teachers for full-time fieldwork in the spring semester. Student teachers take on teaching responsibilities in the spring, and stay at their school site placement until the end of the public school semester in June.

The Secondary Education Credential Program is a one-year course of study that begins in the fall semester of each year. Students can obtain a Single Subject Preliminary Credential by taking a 38.5-unit professional education program to qualify for Secondary Education teaching positions primarily in grades 7-12.

Application Process

The application period for 2018/2019 is closed.
The application period for 2019/2020 opens October 1st, 2018.  The deadline to submit applications to Cal State Apply is February 1st, 2019.

Review and complete the program’s prerequisites and requirements.

  1. Submit an application to the single subject credential program at HSU via the Cal State Apply Website.
  2. Each subject area has a different procedure for Subject Matter Departmental Review (SMDR). For more information, see the SMDR section of our website.

 Program Administration

Department ChairEric Van Duzerevv1@humboldt.edu707-826-3726
Program LeaderShannon Moragosm7@humboldt.edu707-826-5822
Assistant CoordinatorSarah Greenskm38@humboldt.edu707-826-5867