Credential Programs

The School of Education at HSU offers the following credential programs: 

Educational Leadership Program:

Humboldt State University offers a Preliminary Administrative Services credential. The credential program is designed for educational professionals currently working in schools full time. Educational Leadership Program (EDL) courses are offered on weekends and all coursework for each level is designed to be completed in one academic year.

Elementary Education:

Want to teach elementary school or middle school? Complete a one year program of coursework and fieldwork in beautiful northern California! Our credential program is heavily fieldwork oriented. Public School classroom-based practice is supplemented with in-person coursework at HSU. Our mix of fieldwork and coursework creates opportunities for students to learn through multiple experiences while placed in diverse public school settings.

Secondary Education:

Want to teach junior high or high school? Complete a one year program of online coursework from anywhere in California! With online classes, we’re able to place our student teachers in schools around the state. Our classroom discussions are enriched by the inclusion of teaching experiences from a diverse array of communities.

Special Education:

The Special Education Program at Humboldt State University promotes the vision that students with mild to severe disabilities can enjoy academic confidence and developmental, educational growth by interacting with teachers who maximize the students’ learning potential and provide a student-centered learning environment.

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