Program Overview

In this program, you will earn either a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies Elementary Education OR a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies Elementary Education with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

This program includes extensive fieldwork in local classrooms and engaging in face-to-face interactions with children and educators in a variety of school settings. You will also develop an understanding of the developmental, emotional, social, and intellectual assets and needs of elementary learners and how to shape learning experiences to support them in the social-cultural contexts of school, home, and community.

After completing this program you will be prepared to start working as a K-8 teacher with a full tool kit of teaching tools and a sense of their teaching style upon graduation.


Program Information & Requirements 

How to Apply...


You can apply to the program by following the steps outlined on our General Admissions website.

General Admissions

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student you will need to read about the process on our Transferring to the Program page. 

Transferring to the Program

Student Athletes

If you want to play sports in your senior year, you may need to delay taking the senior year class until you have completed your sport. The senior year includes 20 hours per week of fieldwork in addition to classes. This can conflict with practice times and the need to travel for games. You can opt to do a minor or a double major in the meantime. If you are a student athlete, please be sure to talk to the LSEE program advisor as soon as possible.

Study Abroad

You can study abroad when in the LSEE program and it is recommended to go during the summer. There are summer programs that are complementary to the LSEE major. Please contact the Study Abroad office for more information.


You can do a minor while in the LSEE program and it is a good idea to get started on it early. Waiting to do your minor courses during your junior or senior year may delay your graduation date. Be sure to discuss this with the LSEE program advisor in your first year.