Get Involved

Here are a few ways to get involved:

Cal Poly Humboldt Chapter of the Student California Teaching Association

The largest student organization in California with members on more than 70 campuses, the Student California Teachers Association (SCTA) is for college students who are pursuing careers as educators.

SCTA provides opportunities to address the broader aspects of education such as technological advances, governmental policies and issues, social issues and philosophical controversies. Local chapters, such as the one at Humboldt, provide support with job interviewing skills, resume writing, classroom management, multicultural education and more. Chapters also serve as a forum for advising students about the education programs provided at their institutions while providing opportunities to network with professional educators.

The Cal Poly Humboldt chapter plans volunteer opportunities in the community and elementary schools. The club is open to all students and we welcome questions and ideas about how to make this club a success. If you know of an event coming up that we could help with, come on in and let us know. We also love to team up with other Humboldt clubs on campus, so if you are part of another club, come in and tell us about it.

We are very focused on helping each other. We can answer questions about classes, the credential program, teachers, and anything else you may want to know. We want to make our time here at Humboldt a success so that when we go off to become teacher’s, we are prepared!

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Join our Teachers 4 Social Justice Learning Community as a freshperson!

Teachers for Social Justice (T4SJ) is an educational community created for freshmen majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education, Art Education, or Kinesiology Education. You’ll automatically be part of this year-long program to interact with the world of teaching and social justice. As a participant in T4SJ you’ll gain a network that supports you academically, enlightens you professionally, and connects you to resources that will help you smoothly transition into the world of teaching.

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Promotorx Transformative Educators Program (PTEP)

The Promotorx Transformative Educators Program provides students who are passionate about issues in education an opportunity to explore, research, and develop their actions. The program includes: 

  • Educational Enhancement Activities
  • Teaching Activities
  • Opportunities to attend conferences 
  • Participation in Humboldt's social justice and equity events

Through individual contracts, the program supports the fellows in designing an action research project. Led by Dr. Marisol Ruiz-Gonzalez and the DHSI program staff, this program supports each fellows personal interests, passions and goals. 

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CPS Scholars

The CPS Scholars Program provides assistantship opportunities for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students within CPS to apply with a Faculty Sponsor to do supervised, faculty-led, and supported Research, Scholarship, and/or Creative Activities (RSCA).  Each award is equivalent to approximately 33 hours of engagement in the RSCA endeavor.

Learn about CPS Scholars

Future Teacher Scholars

The Future Teacher Scholars (FTS) is an exciting new program dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to students that are on track to becoming teachers. These professional development opportunities will not only assist in further developing your teacher toolkit, but will also introduce you to new concepts, pedagogies, aspects, techniques and beliefs relevant to teaching and learning. As part of this program, participants will need to complete 15 hours of professional development in exchange for a $200 stipend (connected to financial aid) upon completion!

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