Early Completion Option for Interns

The Early Completion Option permits qualified interns to complete the Single Subject Credential Program on an accelerated schedule. 

To qualify for the Early Completion Option, interns must:

  1. Have completed all necessary requirements to earn an intern credential, including admissions criteria:
    -- Bachelor’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university
    -- Basic skills requirement
    -- Subject matter competence
    -- US Constitution (via exam or coursework)
    -- Professional fitness (met through the Certificate of Clearance)
  2. Demonstrate technology competence.
  3. Be successfully recommended for an intern credential after completing the required 120 hours of pre-service instruction.
  4. Submit the following items by February 1 of the academic year that they are enrolled:
    -- A letter detailing their intention to complete the Early Completion Option;
    -- A written recommendation for the Early Completion Option from the single subject program coordinator.
  5. Pass the NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge exam for Secondary Education, the assessment adopted by the commission that assesses knowledge of teaching foundations.
  6. Pass the first two tasks of the Performance Assessment for EdTPA on their first attempt.

If all these conditions are met, interns will be recommended for their Single Subject Credential without having to complete any additional coursework or fieldwork requirements.

Candidates planning to apply for this option, need to contact the Secondary Education Credential Program Leader for review of their application.