Rouhollah Aghasaleh

Assistant Professor

Rouhollah Aghasaleh (Ph.D. The University of Georgia) is an assistant professor in the School of Education. Their scholarship lies at the intersection of critical pedagogies, cultural studies of curriculum, and feminist queer studies that addresses issues of equity and its impact on the education system. Rouhollah has contributed research that directly supports efforts for teachers to meet the needs of a more diverse array of students. They are the editor of the award winning Brill volume, Children and Mother Nature: Storytelling for a Glocalized Environmental Pedagogy. In addition to editing a special issue on Curriculum Theorizing in the Post-truth Era, Rouhollah's scholarly work has been featured in journals of African American Studies, Curriculum Theorizing, Curriculum and Teaching Dialogues, Research in Science Teaching, Activist Science and Technology Education, and Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology.

Furthermore, they have made significant contributions to Science and Technology Studies (STS), expanding their influence in interdisciplinary research. As a leader in professional organizations such as NARTS and AERA, Rouhollah actively engages with fellow educators, advocating for social justice and creating environments conducive to justice for historically and politically underrepresented, oppressed, and misrecognized students. Their commitment to emancipatory theories extends beyond textbooks, making teaching the focal point where their scholarship and activism converge.

Courses Taught

Bilingual Theory and Methods (SED 730)
English Language & Bilingual Development (LSEE 333)
Integrated Math and Science in Elementary School (EED 723)
Mixed Methods in Education Research (EDUC 668)
Multicultural Special Education (SPED 705)
Queer Across Cultures (CRGS 430)
Service Learning in Multicultural Setting (SED 717)