Suzanne Lyons


Suzanne Lyons
(707) 826-5875
HGH 120B

Suzanne Lyons is a STEM educator with a special interest in social-emotional learning.
Her teaching focuses mainly on math and physics instruction and teacher education.
Her interest in SEL is expressed mainly by her work in cooperative games. Suzanne
has written over 40 books. This includes co-authoring the textbook program Conceptual
Integrated Science, which is published by Pearson and now in its third edition. Her most
recent book is Cooperative Games in Education, Building Community Without
Competition PreK-12, published by Teachers College Press in 2022. Suzanne’s college
degrees include a B.A. in physics from U.C. Berkeley; an M.A. in earth science from
Sacramento State University; a California teaching credential; and an MA in education
from Stanford University.