Undergraduate Pathway Programs

Whether you want to teach students in elementary, middle, or high school, you have the opportunity to play an important role in the lives of youth, setting the foundation for academic and personal skills.  

Our undergraduate programs put you on path to becoming a teacher by preparing you for the classroom, in addition to the tests that are necessary to get your credential. With diversity, inclusion and equity in mind, we bridge educational theory with hundreds of hours of practical fieldwork experience, pre-service with in-service education, and the University with the school community. 

To Teach Elementary Education

The Liberal Studies Elementary Education Integrated Teacher Preparation program is the only School of Education program that allows you to earn a Bachelor of Arts (in Liberal Studies) and a multiple subject teaching credential at the same time in four years. 

Guided and supported by faculty, you’ll develop a sense of the teaching profession and an understanding of children and how to shape learning experiences to support them. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to work as a teacher with a full kit of teaching tools and a sense of your teaching style.

Liberal Studies Elementary Education Credential 

If you already have a Bachelors degree and are inerested in teaching elementary school follow the Elementary Education eligibility & application steps to enroll in our Elementary Education program. 

To Teach Middle and High School Education

Offered by other Humboldt academic departments, these undergraduate programs allow you to waive the subject matter exams--a requirement for the Secondary Education Credential Program. 

Visit the corresponding department website below for more information:

*Please note that some of the above are concentrations. 

Then follow the Secondary Education eligibility & application steps (excluding the subject matter exam) to enroll in our Secondary Education Credential program. 

To Teach Special Education

Get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in any major from Humboldt or another college or university.

Then follow the eligibility & applicaiton steps to enroll in our Special Education Credential program.

Math & Science Teaching

Are you interested in becoming a Math or Science teacher?

The Redwood Science Project's mission is to enhance science and mathematics educaiton opportunities in California. For more information, visit their website: Redwood Science Project