Elementary Education Credential Program

One-on-one Teaching

Student Teachers work with small groups to help students one-on-one.

Student teacher and Mentor teacher

Our mentor teachers are essential to our students learning. The relationships forged in our program, between student teacher and mentor teacher, are relationships that last throughout a career.

Elementary School Classroom

Our student teachers get to observe, and teach, in colorful spaces at our local elementary schools!

Student teaching in action

Student teacher discussing a class reading with a small group of students.

“Our goal for all of our students is that they will graduate from our program and become exceptional teachers and strong, articulate advocates for children, adolescents, and for public education.”
—EED Mission Statement

Want to teach elementary school or middle school? Complete a one year program of coursework and fieldwork in beautiful northern California!

Our credential program is heavily fieldwork oriented. Public School classroom-based practice is supplemented with in-person coursework at HSU. Our mix of fieldwork and coursework creates opportunities for students to learn through multiple experiences while placed in diverse public school settings.

Application Process

The application period for 2021-2022 opens October 1st, 2020.  The Deadline to submit applications to Cal State Apply has been extended to April 1st, 2021.

Review and complete the program’s requirements.

  1. Submit an application to the multiple subjects credential program at HSU via the Cal State Apply Website.
  2. Check out our Credential Program Requirements for further information on what is required for admission into the program.

The Credential Year

The year begins in mid-August with orientation, followed by one week of in-person instruction: our capstone class, Multicultural Foundations.

When regular semester-long classes begin, credential candidates begin full-time at their fieldwork placement. After two weeks of full-time fieldwork, credential candidates shift to a split schedule of fieldwork and coursework. This continues for 7 to 8 weeks, at which time candidates again shift to full-time fieldwork for the duration of the semester.

Spring semester follows the same basic schedule and candidates stay at their school site placement until the end of the public school semester in June.

The Elementary Education Credential Program is a one-year course of study that begins in the fall semester of each year. Students can obtain a Multiple Subjects Preliminary Credential by taking a 44-unit professional education program to qualify for Elementary Education teaching positions, which are primarily in grades K-8.