Secondary Education

Secondary Education Peers

The Secondary Education Credential Program forms tight-knit connections between peers because of the cohort style of the program.

Secondary Education Science

Students work on a project together at one of our student teacher placement schools.

Secondary Education in the Forest

Secondary Education Credential students take a walk through the forest during a science class.

Secondary Education Zoo Trip

Secondary Education Credential students take a field trip to the zoo with their student teacher placement school.

“Our goal for all of our students is that, upon graduation from our program, they will become exceptional classroom teachers and take on leadership roles within public schools across the state as strong and articulate advocates for children and adolescents and for public education.”
—SED Mission Statement

Want to teach junior high or high school? Complete a one year program of online coursework from anywhere in California!

With face-to-face and distance accessible classes, we’re able to place our student teachers in schools around the state. Our classroom discussions are enriched by the inclusion of teaching experiences from a diverse array of communities.

Earn a preliminary single subject credential in the following areas:

Industrial Technology
Physical Education
Social Science
World Languages

Application Process

2021-2022 Program: Application Deadline is March 1, 2021.

Review and complete the program’s prerequisites and requirements.

  1. Submit an application to the single subject credential program at HSU via the Cal State Apply Website.
  2. Each subject area has a different procedure for Subject Matter Departmental Review (SMDR). For more information, see the SMDR section of our website.

 Program Administration

Department ChairLibbi Millererm81@humboldt.edu707-826-3726
Program LeaderHeather Ballingerhb481@humboldt.edu707-826-5822
Program CoordinatorSarah Greenskm38@humboldt.edu707-826-5108
Assistant CoordinatorFrank Finiff25@humboldt.edu707-826-5867