Transferring to the Program

If you are considering transferring into the LSEE major, it is a good idea to plan ahead. In order to most successfully transfer and completeyour degree in two years you should have: 

  1. Completed all CSU Lower Division GE Requirements, and passed the American Government Requirement with a C- or better. It is also preferable that you take a course equivalent to MUS 104: Intro to Music in your CSU GE breadth courses.
  2. Already taken a school-aged child development course (such as Middle Child Development, The School-Aged Child, or Lifespan Development)
  3. Already taken an introduction to education course

If you have not completed these, it is highly recommended that you speak with the Program Advisor before applying. Needing additional classes could delay your graduation date.

LSEE Transfer Major Academic Plan 

LSEE ITEP Transfer Major Academic Plan

I'm a Transfer Student and haven't completed all the recommended prerequisites. What should I do?

First, determine when you plan to transfer and if you have time to take those courses at your community college or another community college. Second, contact the Program Advisor for recommendations on the courses you still need to take and when you should apply to transfer.